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G&J had the first show in Dubai after the pandemic of COVID-19

Jul 03, 2023

Despite all the challenges and the obstacles G&J Resources participated in the Middle East Coating Show in Dubai through out the period from September 27 to September 29.

During the Show , we were very excited and happy to meet with our Friends and partners. We really missed that moments, where all of us are doing our best to push the paint and coatings industry move forward, for a better future to all of us

G&J resources never miss any opportunity to increase it’s market share and presence in the Middle East, in proportion to it’s global position as one of the largest companies specialized in supplying the most cost effective Titanium Dioxide to the global markets.

‘’We grantee the quality and the quality consistent ‘’is the slogan of G&J resources and the plant in China for more than 50 years. During these years we granted the after sales support, and the necessary technical support to the global market.

G&J Resources appreciates the support of partners and friends, and this support was demonstrated during the exhibition through new contracts that exceeded all our expectations.

Ready for the next challenge hope to see you all again and soon.


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