G&J Resources Inc.

We have zero tolerance to any irresponsible behaviour and unqualified products.

G&J Purpose

Life will be meaningless without a purpose, and the same holds true with a company. Company will lose its direction without a purpose. At G&J, we stand together, we strive to make the qualified and stable supply of chemical products. We do our best to be the connectors behind our partners and customers through our platform.

Victor Zeng, VP of Americas

We would rather our customers complain about our price, instead of our quality.

G&J Commitment

We are committed to ensuring excellent products and services to our clients.

- We strive to provide the best possible products.
- We strive to provide the best possible services.
- We strive to excel from start to finish.
- We strive to establish long-term partnerships

Tao Yang, VP of logistic

Making promise comes true is one of our definite must-do.