This is the third year that we participated in this show. Our popularity has been increasing year by year. We have entertained customers from more than 60 countries and we had received more than 1,000 MT of orders on the spot. This unprecedent success is due to our close relationship with all our customers in many countries. Our service is back up by our impeccable quality that has gained worldwide recognition especially in the Chloride process TiO2.

This is the first year that we introduced Sulfate product TiO2 manufactured by Nanjing Titanium Dioxide factory in Dubai coating show and we already got more than 500MT orders on the spot. The General Manager of Nanjing Titanium Dioxide Mr. Michael Zhang was also with us in the show. He had many thorough discussions with our customers in technical aspects. We reserved 500MT on Sulfate product with special promotion price, but it was oversold. I wish to take this opportunity to express our thanks to those who support us and sorry for those which we cannot offer the special deal.

We also launched the new Aluminum Paste product under the Canadian brand name Liquid Metals. It is our belief that the market potential of Aluminum Paste is unlimited and many of our customers in TiO2 are also the users of this product. We already received many inquiries and we are following up closely on it.

We wish to extend our thanks to all new customers who have visited us the first time. Your interest in our stand is very appreciated. As we may not have enough time to explain our products during the show, please allow us to contact you directly by email in the next few days.