From June 19th to June 21st, 2019, G&J Resources Inc. participated as exhibitor as the second time in the most popular coating show of LATAM region, the Latin American Coating Show in Mexico City. During the 3 days show, we had a lot of meetings, discussing about the current global TiO2 market environment, pricing trend, global consumption prediction and product development, with our clients and professionals from the paint & coating industry. We also have nailed down several very valuable contracts with our strategical partners in LATAM region. We showed our value as a reliable TiO2 provider with our plant producing for more than 40 years in China and considered as the 4th TiO2 manufacturer within the Top 5 list in China.
Our goal is to increase our presence in Latin American market hand in hand with our allies in the country along with many of the small and middle size paint manufacturer whom we met and offered our support in order to make more cost effective their production. As a Canadian company, G&J Resources is committed with TiO2 industry with a wide range of applications, not only coatings & paints, but plastics, inks, rubber and paper.
Also we introduced our aluminum paste and mirror effect pigment products developed by techniques from Canada and manufactured in our plant in Anhui, China. And due to the advance technique and well prepared models, we caught the attention of a lot of automotive paint manufacturers. We believe that we will have more success in this industry.