G and J Resources have had a very successful participation in the MECS Dubai 2017. We had 100 meetings with existing partners and new Clients either from both the Middle East countries and other countries around the world.
Because of the tracking record for the best customer satisfaction on product quality and service, we received many purchase orders at MECS from new customers from the new markets and from the existing customers.
Mr. George Chen the CEO of G & J Resources gave a very impressive speech at MECS. During his speech, he referred to the new environmental regulations of the Chinese Government and its effects on the global industry of TiO2. Terrible market situation due to the forced closure of large number of sulphate process TiO2 facilities in China has caused a very imbalanced supply and demand, also resulting in a continuous and tremendous price increase. He has also indicated the bright future of the Chloride process TiO2 in China, particularly that of Yunnan Xinli the Leading Chloride process Tio2 from China.
Superior Brilliance and mirror effect ready to use coatings
G & J Resources announced its new innovation and patented Mirror effect ready to use coatings made from our unique Vacuum metalized Pigments. This ready to use spray coating is suitable for almost all substrates (Plastics, Glass, Metal, Wood and etc.)
In General, Our VMP products are very good for the following applications and many others:
-Screen and gravure printing.
-High-end labels such as beer label and high-end packaging label.
-Automotive OEM and refinish paints.
-In-mold decoration screen inks.
-Cosmetic packaging and electronics coatings
Customer’s reactions and their very good impression towards our new products make us confident that the next few years will witness a significant development in the performance of theses products in the global market supported by our highly trained and talented technical team with more than 15 years of experience.