G&J Resources Inc., as the authorized and exclusive international marketing and sales office of Yunnan Mteallurgical Xinli Titanium Industry Co. Ltd and Shanghai Aofan Chemical Co., Ltd., had a very productive and successful exhibition in ANAFAPYT Latin American Coating Show 2017 in Mexico City, Mexico from June 20th-22nd.
In the year of 2017, the world TiO2 market is very intensive in terms of the price. Continuously hiking price puts big pressure on our downstream partners and customers, especially in Latin American market. We have been trying our best to maintain the high-level of our customer satisfaction. We never cancelled any orders due to the sudden price hikes; delivered goods timely and provided special support to end-user customers who have urgent needs and so on.
This year, we brought our new product line VMP (Vacuum Metallized Pigment) to the show. Our VMP producer is Shanghai Aofan Chemical and it’s the Chinese No.1 VMP producer. The quality, price and capacity of our VMP are all superior to the traditional VMP suppliers as EKART, Silberline and Shlenk. We can produce up to 300Kg/day for VMP. We are having the finest aluminum pigments in the VMP. We are flexible about the colour tone and the chrome effect of this brilliant material. We can also supply the finished paint and ink products.
Our Chloride Process TiO2 manufacturer Yunnan Xinli Nonferrous Metals Co. Ltd. is still the leading TiO2 pigment suppliers from China with over 40 years history in the titanium industry. Xinli owns and operates a fully integrated titanium manufacturing chain, from mining to extraction to smelting to chemical processing. We are supplying Chloride grades to over 40 countries and 150 customers all over the world.
Good reputation in the market brought us hundreds if not thousands of customers for the 3 days show. We had met existing and new customers in over 100 meetings. We have gained big attention about our Chloride Process TiO2 and VMP. Many customers placed sample orders for our VMP products during the show.
As we are gaining more and more partners and customers in Latin American market, we are more and more confident to serve our customers better according to their special requirements and needs. We strongly believe we will have better market development into more Latin American countries and have a bigger presence in Latin America through our competitive price and best-quality products! Our goal is always serve our business partners better!