Introduction of Yibin Tianyuan

Our chloride process TiO2 are manufactured by Yibin Tianyuan.
Yibin Tianyuan Group Co., Ltd was founded in 1944, is the earliest chlor-alkali chemical company in China and now covering very wide range of industries, ranking among Chinese enterprises 500 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002386).
As one of the key industries for the future development of Tianyuan, the titanium industry has an annual output of 50K tons of chlorinated TiO2. Tianyuan Group will make full use of the existing green environmental protection industry chain innovation model and mature chlor-alkali production platform and plans to achieve total capacity of 300K tons/year chlorinated TiO2, 240K tons/year high-titanium slag, 100K tons/year sulfuric acid TiO2 and 30K tons/year artificial rutile in 2022.
Tianyuan Group targets to establish the leading position in Chinese TiO2 industry, establish the famous brands of TiO2 and become the world’s leading and internationally renowned supplier of TiO2.
On April 2019, Yibin Tianyuan authorized G&J Resources as its exclusive representative in the international market.

Certificate of Yibin Tianyuan

Fields of Applications

TYR-588 TYR-589 TYR-568
Dispersion paints
Wallpaper coatings
High gloss dispersions
Silicon paints
Silicate paints and plasters
Plaster paints
Plaster paints based on synthetic resins
Mastics and sealants
Road marking paints
Industrial and decorative coatings ( water and solvent base)
Domestic appliance finishes
Package lacquers
Radiator paints
PVC-hard interior
PVC-hard exterior
Carton-paper coatings
Coloured decorative papers
Other Applications
Levelling products
White concrete
Printing inks

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