Product feature:
YR-804 is manufactured by the chloride process and coated with SiO2, Al2O3 and special organic treatment . YR-804 is designed primarily for plastics applications . YR-804 has a fine particle size distribution, offers blue undertone and low oil absorption. It shows good performance in highly concentrations thermoplastics masterbatches and where minimal effect is desired on melt flow.
Main performance index:
Surface treatment: Aluminum and Silicon compounds, Organic treatment
TiO2 content before surface treatment: ≥ 94.0%
Suggestions for use:
Use for master batch and plastic products.

Surface Treatment Al , Si & Organic Treatment
TiO2 ≥94.0%
Specific Gravity 4.1
Oil Absorption ≤14 g/100g
L*(Dry Powder) ≥98
Package & Storage

25 Kg per paper bag and 40 bags per pallet. Meanwhile, tonne-bag package is also available.Avoiding wet directly and XL TiO2 pigment can be stored in life time.

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