VMP (Vacuum Metallized Pigment) is an extremely thin aluminum pigment with homogeneous surface and perfect non-leafing behavior, a dispersion that provides superior brilliance for solvent based inks and coatings, with a dramatically enhanced covering power.

• Automotive OEM and refinish paints
• Alloy/steel wheel paints
• Flex package paint
• Decoration paint for metal can
• Bicycle paints
• TV tube paint
• High glass coatings
• Cosmetic packaging and electronics coatings
• Screen inks
• Gravure inks
• High end label printing

Vacuum Metalized Pigments (VMP)Products list

12 Serials Solid Content Particle Size(u) Solvent
1260-BCS 10% 5 BCS
1261-EAC 10% 8 EAC
1262-NPA 10% 5 NPA
1263-PM 10% 5 PM
1267-PMA 10% 5 PMA
1268-MMB 10% 5 MMB (lll Methoxy-ll Butanol)

53 Serials Solid Content Particle Size(u) Solvent
5360-BCS 10% 6 BCS
5361-EAC 10% 6 EAC
5362-NPA 10% 6 NPA
5363-PM 10% 6 PM
5367-PMA 10% 6 PMA
5368-MMB 10% 6 MMB (lll Methoxy-ll Butanol)

34 Serials Solid Content Particle Size(u) Solvent
3460-BCS 10% 8 BCS
3461-EAC 10% 8 EAC
3462-NPA 10% 8 NPA
3463-PM 10% 7 PM
3467-PMA 10% 4 PMA
3468-MMB 10% 7 MMB (lll Methoxy-ll Butanol)

94 Serials Solid Content Particle Size(u) Solvent
9460-BCS 10% 7 BCS
9461-EAC 10% 7 Ethyl Acetate
9462-NPA 10% 7 Propyl Acetate
9463-PM 10% 11 Glycol PM
9467-PMA 10% 11 PM Acetate
9468-MMB 10% 11 MMB (lll Methoxy-ll Butanol)

Rainbow VMP
SYC Serials Solid Content Particle Size(u) Solvent
SYC3010 20% 10 BCS
SYC3020 20% 20 BCS
SYC3030 20% 30 BCS
SYC3040 20% 40 BCS
SYC3050 20% 50 BCS

Recommended rate of pigmentation
Printing inks Coatings
Gravure 20-40% Mass tone 4-6%
Screen 20-70% Tinted tone 3%

Mix the product thoroughly before incorporation to achieve a homogenous mix of the pigment flakes throughout the dispersion. Avoid prolonged use of high-speed aggressive disperser during mixing.

Product should be stored in the original container and keep tightly sealed. Containers should be stored at a temperature between 15 and 35 Celsius Degree. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, rain, and excessive humidity. After prolonged storage, the pigment should be re-tested.

The information presented herein is based on the present state of research, and is believed to be accurate. It is presented without guarantee of accuracy, however, and is not to be taken as implied warranty of fitness for a purpose. Purchaser shall conduct their own tests to determine suitability of this product for their purpose. Statements concerning possible use of this product are not intended as authorizing or recommending in infringement of any patent.