Product feature:
NA100 is anatase grade Titanium Dioxide pigment manufactured by Sulfate process with high purity and good particle size distribution. It possesses good whiteness, strong hiding power, and high tinting strength and easily dispersed.
Suggestions for use:
Used in coating for interior wall, indoor plastic pipelines, films, master batch, rubber, leathers, paper etc.

TiO2 % ≥98.0
Matter volatile at 105℃ at point of acceptance % ≤0.5
Matter soluble in water % ≤0.5
Residue on sieve (45μm) ≤0.05
Colour(L*) ≥95.5
Scattering power % ≥100
PH of aqueous suspension 6.5-8.5
Oil absorption value g/100g ≤26
Resistivity of aqueous extract Ω.m ≥20
Package & Storage

25 Kg per woven bag and 40 bags per pallet. Meanwhile, tonne-bag package is also available. Avoiding wet directly and TiO2 pigment can be stored in life time.