I have never heard of Nanjing/GPRO Titanium Dioxide or the Yibin Tianyuan Group, what do they do?
Nanjing/GPRO and the Yibin Tianyuan Group are two of the leading Chinese manufacturers of titanium dioxide. GPRO Nanjing Titanium Dioxide has been tenured in the industry, with roots back in 1957. It later became one of the largest manufacturers in the industry with one of the best anatase grades in the market.
The Yibin Tianyuan Group was founded back in 1944 by famous Chinese industrialist Wu Yunchu, and quickly grew to be a major chemical manufacturing firm. While its tenure in the titanium dioxide industry is not as long, only starting its first production line in 2019, it has quickly become one of the leading manufacturers of chloride titanium dioxide.
What products do GPRO Nanjing and the Yibin Tianyuan Group provide and what are their capabilities?
Currently, GPRO Nanjing can manufacture 170k MT of rutile sulfate titanium dioxide as well as 40k MT of anatase. Yibin Tianyuan can manufacture 50k MT of chloride rutile, with a current expansion of an additional 50k MT of chloride capacity to be finished by the end of 2021.
What is G&J Resources Inc?
G&J Resources Inc. was established in 2001 in Toronto, Canada. Since its beginning, G&J has been involved in trading of raw materials and metals products between North America and China. As the authorized exclusive international marketing and sales representative of both GPRO Nanjing Titanium Dioxide and The Yibin Tianyuan Group, G&J provides both sulfate and chloride titanium dioxide with competitive pricing and great service to our customers around the globe.
Is G&J Resources a distributor?
No, G&J Resources is the exclusive representative and international sales division of GPRO Nanjing and The Yibin Tianyuan Group in the international market.


What are the packaging options you can provide?
We pack our TiO2 in 25 kg per paper and pulpable bags (the bag is plastic lined between the paper layers to avoid humidity) and 40 bags per pallet. Half metric ton and metric ton supersacks are also available.
Do you have regional warehousing/stock? If so, where are they located?
At present, all orders will be delivered from our plant directly. In North America, we can also ship some LCL shipments out of our warehouse located in Toronto, ON, Canada. However, we are currently accessing the requirements for G&J to provide material that would be stored in various strategic locations to best serve our customers and we also have partnerships with distributors in most countries across the world. Please contact your regional sales manager for details.
How can I get material for testing?
We will ship to you up to 5 kg of sampling material for testing at no cost to you. If you need additional samples, we require you to pay shipping cost.
What is the HS Code of your products?
The HS code of TiO2 is 3206111000.
What is the dimension of the pallet?
The dimensions of pallet for chloride rutile are 110x110x12cm (110x110x125cm for full pallets). For sulfate, the dimensions are 110x110x11cm (110x110x110cm for full pallets).


What the price does G&J Resources offer?
We usually offer pricing that is based FOB Shanghai for chloride and FOB Nanjing. We are also able to offer other INCO terms such as CIF/CRF and DDP to various destinations. The shipping charges and other logistics charges will be charged in addition to the FOB price of the material. Ask your regional sales representative for more details and restrictions.
What is the minimum order quantity?
The minimum order quantity is 1 MT (approximately 2200 pounds), which is 1 pallet. It is recommended, however, to purchase 20 MT (approximately 44,100 pounds), which is 1 x 20’ FCL as it is more economical.
How will G&J Resources and your manufacturing partners guarantee the quality of the material?
After our client places an order, we will send the client a Quality Certification of Goods (CoA) and Quality Guarantee. The CoA and Quality Guarantee will be part of the order/contract. We guarantee that the quality of the products we sell to our clients will meet the specifications that have been previously agreed upon with the customer.

If there are any other questions that you may have, please leave us your suggestions, or get in touch with your Region’s Sales representative.