I have never heard of Yunnan Xinli Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd., what do they do?
Yunnan Xinli Nonferrous Metals Co. Ltd is one of the leading Chinese TiO2 pigment and Titanium products suppliers with over 40 years history in titanium industry.Xinli operates a completely integrated titanium manufacturing process, from mining to extraction to smelting to chemical processing.  Currently, Xinli is the only Chinese manufacturer who utilizes a chloride-based process to manufacture its TiO2 pigment on a consistent base.  This provides a very high quality pigment that shows excellent lot-to-lot consistency.

What products does Yunnan Xinli provide and what is the capability of Xinli’s production?
Currently, Xinli is able to manufacture 60K MT of chloride process TiO2 pigment, 10K MT of titanium sponge and 80K MT of titanium slag per year.Future plans include Xinli building a new facility in Lianyungang, China; this plant will be designed to have the capability of producing 240K MT of TiO2 pigment through its chloride process route, 20K MT of Titanium sponge and over 160K MT of titanium slag per year.

As well, Xinli will be able to provide fine titanium ore, as the company owns two deposits of

Fe-Ti, in both China and Mozambique. Another offering from the company is Titanium chloride (TiCl4).

Is there any certification of Xinli?
Yes, Xinli has been certified with ISO9001:2008, IQNET, REACH.
Who is G&J Resources Inc?
G&J Resources Inc. was established in 2001 in Toronto, Canada. Since its beginning, G&J has been involved in trading of raw materials and metals products between North America and China. As the authorized exclusive international marketing and sales representative of Yunnan Xinli Nonferrous Metals Co. Ltd, G&J provides the high value of chloride process TiO2 pigment, Ti Sponge, Ti Slag and TiCl4 with competitive pricing and great service to our customers around the globe.
Is G&J Resources a distributor?
No, G&J Resources is the exclusive representative of Yunnan Xinli.  G&J Resources is the sales division of Yunnan Xinli and in charge of sales and marketing of Xinli’s all product lines in for countries outside of Asia.


I have heard of issues with the quality Chinese produced TiO2 and the quality isn’t there, but you claim that it is high quality?
Xinli’s chloride processing technology is based on advanced German technology and has been shown to produce high quality pigment with marked improvements over sulphate produced TiO2. All key raw materials of TiO2 pigment, such as fine titanium ore, titanium slag and TiCl4, are provided by Xinli itself, thus, ensuring the consistent quality of Xinli’s TiO2.  Prior to the re-engineering of the manufacturing facility, Xinli had manufactured TiO2 by a sulphate process for many years before the change of production routes.
How many grades of TiO2 does Xinli have? What are they?
We are able to provide two grade of chloride process TiO2. They are YR-802 and YR-803. YR-802 was our first chloride process grade and can be used for paints & coatings, ink and outdoor PVC. Since December 2014, we were able to offer our second grade, YR-803.  YR-803 is our premium grade of TiO2 pigment and can be utilized in a wide variety of applications, but will be intended in premium quality paints.We look forward to the year end of 2015 when we will announce the release of YR-804, for use in plastic applications. The R&D department is continuously working on different grades for a wide variety of application for future release. We are also able to produce customized TiO2 according to clients’ special inquiries.

You can visit our website to know more detail specifications of our TiO2.

YR-802  http://www.gandjresources.com/pro2.htm

YR-803  http://www.gandjresources.com/pro2_4.htm

Does Xinli still provide sulfate process TiO2?
No, we only manufacture chloride process TiO2 pigment. The sulphate process was dis-continued once the process change took place.
What are the packaging options for Xinli’s TiO2?
We pack our TiO2 in 25 Kg per paper bags (the bag is plastic lined between the paper layers to avoid humidity) and 40 bags per pallet. Meanwhile, tonne-bag package are also available if desired.
Do you have regional warehousing/stock? If so, where are they?
At present, our only delivery point is the plant. All orders will be delivered from our plant directly. However, we are currently accessing the requirements for G&J to provide material that would be stored in various strategic locations to best serve our customers.  Concurrently, we are evaluating various distribution partnerships in different regions, and will have stock in different countries and have immediate shipping to local clients soon. Please contact your regional sales manager for details.
How can I get material for testing?
We will ship to you up to 5 kgs of sample for testing at our cost. If you need additional samples, we require you to pay shipping cost.
What is the HS Code of your products?
The HS code of TiO2 is 3206111000.
What is the dimension of your 25 kg package?
The dimensions of 25 kg bag are 520x355x145mm.
What is the dimension of the pallet?
The dimensions of pallet is 110x101x101cm. The hight of pallet including 40 bags is 110cm.


What the price does G&J Resources offer?
We usually offer pricing that is based FOB Shanghai. We are also able to offer other INCO terms such as CIF/CRF to various destination ports price according to your requirements. The shipping charges and other logistics charges will in addition to the FOB price of the material.
What’s the process of ordering and shipping?
Our client places order with G&J Resources. Xinli prepares the goods. Once G&J Resources receive wire transfer payment or the L/C from clients, the goods will be shipped from plant. It will take 7 – 10 days to arrive to the port and we handle transfer the goods to client’s carrier. If we ship goods for client, it will take another 25-45 days to arrive at destination port.
What is the minimum order quantity?
The minimum order quantity is 20 MT (44,000 pounds), which is 1 x 20’ FCL.
How will Xinli/G&J Resources guaranty the quality of the material?
After our client places an order, we will send the client a Quality Certification of goods (CoA) and Quality Guarantee. The Quality Certification (CoA) and Quality Guarantee will be part of the order/contract. We guarantee that the quality of the products we sell to our clients will meet the specifications that have been previously agreed upon with the customer.


If there are any other questions that you may have, please leave us your suggestions, or get in touch with your Region’s Sales representative.