Introduction of Nanjing TiO2

Our sulphate process TiO2 is manufactured by Nanjing TiO2. Nanjing TiO2 was established in 1957. It is one of the oldest TiO2 manufacturers in China. According to capacity, Nanjing TiO2 is top 5 TiO2 manufacturers in China and its production capacity is 16K MT per year with 12K MT rutile grade and 4K MT anatase grade. Nanjing TiO2 has two locations. One plant is located in Nanjing, China, and the other plant is located in Xuzhou, China. In 2013, Nanjing TiO2 was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

On September, 2017, Nanjing TiO2 authorized G&J Resources as its exclusive representative in Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

Certificate of Nanjing TiO2